Remove the display panel. Chris, this instruction is very helpful but my laptop is a Gateway MT With mine, I knew the LCD was still working, as I could see the screen under bright light and in the sun. I do own a decent digital multimeter… …is there some way to check the bulb or the inverter for proper function? Thanks for the info, it was really easy!

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How to remove screen from Gateway MT6704

Also to do the replacement, could I follow the above instructions, if not, could you provide the instructions. I see the Gateway symbol pop up immediately after I power up, but then I have nothing.

Thanks for any help you can provide! The back casing and front casing along with the brackets have all snapped off or broken. These are the wires I cannot figure out how to detach.

It looks pretty easy so I would like to do the work myself. As I mentioned in my previous article, where I was replacing the keyboardthis guide will work for many other Gateway MT models. If I shine a flashlight onto gateway t-series model w350i, I can see it pretty well. Had to change the screen as it broke.

It just gets a little frustrating having to go through the steps from the ending to beginning. Now you can remove the screen. If the hinge is broken, the only way to fix it is replacing the hinge. gateway t-series model w350i

Somewhere near the edge of the table sat a 16oz insulated travel mug filled with hot coffee you can see this coming …. As you know, these laptops bring a 1.

With mine, I knew the LCD was still working, as I could see the screen under bright light and in gateway t-series model w350i sun. Thanks so much for this guide. You can make a good closeup picture and upload it on a picture sharing site, then post here the link.

Sometimes you can make out the image of it from the 2 sided tape that it sat on. My lcd screen is fine but am having troubles finding brackets gateway t-series model w350i this model is there another compatible model that i could be looking at for the same brackets. Remove it with a caution. As you see, the mounting brackets are still attached to both sides.

How to remove screen from Gateway MT – Inside my laptop

Hey the gateway t-series model w350i looks great. Ricardo, A guide on how ts-eries reassemble it would be useful too. A couple of days ago I was t-srries around packing and preparing for a business trip, trying to do a half-dozen things at once….

I w350 help you to publish the disassembly guide on www. I have managed to remove most of the wires that feed through the assembly, but there are two wires that I am having issues with. Apparently, the number above the barcode is the part number used by Gateway.

My computer is now working great. I think something might have been pulled lose when the DC jack was replaced. Do you know gateway t-series model w350i the problem may be? Michael, Anyway, I would love to share my photos and notes regarding the process. Likewise when I move the screen it flickers on and off. Maybe I can figure out how to disconnect those cable if I see gateway t-series model w350i picture.

Had a similar event with my MT, only with water. If anyone gateway t-series model w350i any input or ideas it would be great! Well I took the chance and pulled on the cord. Please email me a copy of your response, it will be appreciated. Hey, I am trying to pix my old gateway nxxl laptop. Just search on Google or eBay.

Thank you very much I was able to remove the screen on my Gateway T-Series. I want to thank you so much for putting this w50i on the web. Remove all seals with a sharp object picture above and also remove all six screws found under the seals.

I believe it gateway t-series model w350i off hte top left hand corner please help. Steve, my screen is broken and i have the gateway mtma7 model. Remove the display gatdway. I would like to have a high gloss monitor. I had to leave; was gateway t-series model w350i running late, but shook, dried, paper-toweled, and used a portable hair drier for about 15 minutes to try to remove any available moisture and hope for the best.

For example, when I search on Google for 2MA7LD part number from my examplethe first search result brings me to a store selling this particular screen. Hi just want to say that i did a motherboard replacement on a Gateway MX and your site was great it helped me from step 1 to completion for that laptop. The web camera is not a part of the LCD screen. Dave, I have managed to remove most of the wires that feed through the assembly, but there are two wires that I am having issues with.