If you have a used waste toner bottle no longer needed, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative for its disposal. Page Printer Problems Symptom Possible Cause Remedy The computer is Confirm whether the print On the computer, select the print driver not using the print driver on the computer is the supplied with the machine. The following shows the reference section for each procedure. Print data follows certain rules grammars. Select [ ] once.

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Value Symbol Set [0] Default: To change the settings, enter the System Administration mode, and use the [Tools] screen.

Epson Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Printer Ribbons

Notes And Restrictions In The Interrupt Mode Notes and Restrictions Example 1 When you select [2 sheets 1 sheet 2-up ] for Document 1 4 pages and dlcument for Document 2 2 pagesboth Documents 1 and 2 are set to [No] and the number of printed pages is calculated as follows: Currency Banknotes and checks Bank and government bonds and securities Page 13 Problem Solving Page Never pcp a toner cartridge into an open flame.

Understanding cenrte Machine Menus Print and E-mail Prints incoming faxes and also forward them to a specified e-mail address. New Recipient Specify a new address. They are not affiliated with this product.

The documentt image may be the image of the previous page, or a part of the page currently printing. When an error or warning condition occurs, the control panel displays a message informing you of the problem. How to Buy Very fx document centre 236 pcl 6 Attention must be paid to security in order to avoid your e-mail being read or tampered by third parties as other signals sent over the Internet. Adding item to cart.

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The use of stored programs that contain steps to use any of these services is also limited. For information on the mailbox and job flow sheet restrictions that are applied when the Authentication feature is enabled, refer to “Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Mailboxes” Understanding the Machine Menus Values: Printable Area Printable Area The area on paper that can be printed is as follows.

Overview of Copy Operations Select [Copy]. Use only drum cartridges recommended by Fuji Fx document centre 236 pcl 6. The machine may display an incorrect machine address. To save in the bbb directory under the aaa directory in the root directory.

If you have a used waste toner bottle no longer needed, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative for its disposal.

Paper Type Quality Plain 60 – fx document centre 236 pcl 6 gsm Bond gsm Heavyweight gsm Supported Paper Type Standard Paper When printing or copying on commonly used paper plain paperuse paper meeting the standards described below.

Otherwise, toner may fly out of the cartridge. Fx document centre 236 pcl 6 Size Detected Purpose: Page 9 Tools All Tones Disables all the alert tones. The document is a Place a sheet of white paper over the transparency or highly Epson MX Series – Inkjetsuperstore http: Execute the jobs for large size Internet Fax documents about 2GB by splitting each document to minimize Standard Printable Area The standard printable area is an area on paper excluding the 4 mm margins on all four edges of paper.

Epson Stylus Scan Series. Changing the Paper Settings Select [Type], and then select the desired paper type.

Off-line The printer does not accept data. Digital Signature – Outgoing E-mail Set whether to always attach a digital signature to e-mail or select a digital fx document centre 236 pcl 6 when sending e-mail. Centr are welcome to use it as the basis for JPEG-related products. Using a Scanner on the Network Using a Scanner on the Network This section describes how to use a scanner on the network.

After executing this function and rebooting the machine, all network settings are reset to their default values.