Excellent sleuthing and a very interesting discovery about Belkin. Thank you very much for the solution. Thanks Ben for working out the issue. Belkin, shame on you!!! So use the same belkin unit, but not for a pda.

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They need to quit selling the thing if it is not supportable on current systems. The procedure as describes above is not functioning for me.

To see more matches from our driver database, use our customized search engine to. World’s most popular driver download site. You could always try eBay as well. Win 98SE Release Date: In need of console access to an ASA asap and this usb serial adapter gmus 03 my ass. We have a device that will only usg with serial ports and we have been advising customers to get adaptors like the belkin USBtoserial to get around the problem of serual having COM ports on new PCs and also because Belkin advertised the adaptor have lifetime warranty this gives the customers some comfort usb serial adapter gmus 03 using them.

I bought the Staple model because there were no Belkin anymore. I have since upgraded to Windows 7 Professional adxpter. Phil InOz said, What a champion!!. OK got one for ya Delorme LT GPS seriap we storm spotters use the he77 out of these when tracking and delorme doesnt have a serial emulator for the usb for windows 7 anything and most of us are using 64bit.

I use my adapter to download geocaches onto my magellan gps….

You are awesome Thank You. So after a bit of poking arounnd, I got updated drivers from here: Start a tech blog I would read it.

Reach serial output problem – RTK / Post-processing – Community Forum

Adapher works for the two F5U adapters I have as well. Thanks for sharing all this. You also you can find and download drivers, programs, software, security programs, games.

Other Devices Supported OS: Davkime said, I am so thankful for this post.

Thanks Ben for working out the issue. Gmus 03 driver windows 7. I have tried downloading many different drivers and usb serial adapter gmus 03 of them seem to work. Its’ time to start putting a serial port back on these newer computers. In the mean time The latest from MCT is hear. Well, all is well now!

Thanks spending the time finding the drivers. Alex said, Thank you very much. Can now make RC airplane parts files from plans to laser cut.

Prolific Windows Driver Downloads

seeial Mary said, I need this driver for Windows 8… Can you help me please! Kori said, Thank you very much for this post. Its a HP mnw.

The link provide me with a shop whit a price of USD 29,95 kind regards Pim. Your research and adqpter MCT solution worked beautifully.

Thank you in advance for helping. I have the Belkin usb to serial f5u Belkin, shame on you!!! In order to ensure the right driver. This works well in Windows. Heyjust bought this blekin and i got w7, so i was like damn down the drain, adapteer then saw you post!!!!!!!!!!!!!