Apparently no one in Bangalore, kolkata, India stores these backlights. Last picture You should definitely try to test the LCD before starting the assembly. Plug in the new backlight lamp instead. Spent hours stripping the laptop and checking for any lose cables to no avail. Aparna March 12, Thank you very much for nice detailed work and demo done above…with my best regards. If it is old, the inverter is already weakened.

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Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

I had never poked inside a screen, but I kept what looked like the light power supply and the light itself. Then you can remove the lcd assembly and start disecting it till you get to mx3650 gateway mx3560.

My Gateway GX screen went black. Gateway mx3560 most cases replacing the inverter board and LCD screen after that fixes the issue.

What may be the problem. In the past, it seemed the tilting of the screen angle regulated whether the screen was lit up or not. Putting back together is not too bad. Did you transfer the video cable too? Gateway mx3560 was working on a friends laptop that had a screen with heavy damage imagine a laptop that looked like it had been hit with a baseball bat but lit up just gaetway. I fixed it, gateway mx3560 it and it worked. This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 5. When attempting to replace a backlight on a Toshiba A there is a lot of aluminum foil gateway mx3560 holding pieces together.

Did I place the filters wrong way or the ccfl gateway mx3560 not seated in correctly? Check and double check before hitting the power button. This layer must be under the lamp and reflector my mistake from above. Waleed December 5, Black screen but you can see a faint picture if you light the LCD with external light. Did you spill something on the gateway mx3560 I figured it was the CCFL so I took the risk and tried changing it without reading your instructions yet.

It is a good idea to replace the inverter at the same time. gateway mx3560

I did this to a Gateway laptop with a Also, I may design a holder for the LCD, layers, etc. What else gateway mx3560 I gateay

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

Obviously it looks fragile but even the pressure to gateway mx3560 the rubber insulator could snap it. I think it is similar to For use with 65 watt 3.

Now it is the turn gateway mx3560 replace the CCFL tube gateway mx3560 it looks complicated. The remaining thicker and harder light layer has two small plastic ears holding it in the plastic frame.

I have this lab top, kind of old gateway mx3560 but very good one. Not for the faint of gateway mx3560. Also the inverter and CCFL has high voltage so good distance to ground and other conductors. Does a replacement LCD screen come with the back light built in it? Will it light up this way. Computer Repair Guy February 24, Tube was about a cm too long but works well enough with the end poking out from the wire slots.

Hey your screen is useless as it is so what do you have to lose? I quickly reconnected it and then removed the battery. I can send you some pictures if I have your mail id. Not that disturbing though.

Then if I move screen it will come on, sometimes I have to find just the right position to keep it on. I could swap screens back and forward, so I know compartibility is not a problem. Gatweay it needs to be sandwiched in just so.

However, I messed up something because I habe two issues. I could push the rubber cover at the end of the lamp back, gateway mx3560 the cable, resoldered and pushed the rubber cap back. Seramar, I think for test purposes you can use any gateway mx3560 backlight lamp.

That heat gateway mx3560 tubing did the trick! This jack is compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5.