No spaces, hyphens, periods, commas, parentheses, or other generally-accepted numeric formatting characters are permitted in numeric constants; note in particular that no “H” suffix is appended to the end of hexadecimal constants. Basic Syntax Commands If the “? Responds with default value. G – Select Guard Tone Default. Bit 7 Reserved Conexant C Table Of Contents Table If this is the first installation, please skip 1 and 2 below, but if you have already installed it and the modem does not work please follow all these steps:

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Responds with default value. When in doubt whether the modem has speakerphone capabilities do the following: Because the scope of this project has grown beyond the capacity of a single volunteer and legal issues prevent us from using a classic open-source development model, the HCF generic 56k hcf data fax modem HSF drivers are now available in two editions: See Xn for extended result code subset enabling options. Applicable to Desktop configuration only.

Call Waiting tone and hang-up the line. The modem’s default time delay for “” is approx. These modems are good for generkc as a speakerphone but for the playback or recording purposes these modems can be used only as a half-duplex modems: When done, you may exit dialer or keep it active.

Generic 56k hcf data fax modem, please read next below. You will see “Installation in progress” window for a few minutes.

This option is presented automatically after rebooting the system. Does my modem support Caller ID? Some modems, dafa older hardware models may not recognize busy signal when being used in voice mode. Disable negotiation; bypass the detection and negotiation phases; and proceed with LAPM.

Pertains to synchronous operation only. Speaker is always on. LAPM error control required; disconnect if error control is not established.

Usually, these are internal, PCI voice modems. When the modem receives a break from the remote modem, break is passed to the DTE as follows: Sets S16 bit 0. Follow the screen but do not restart computer yet.

Modulation Control Commands,,,,,V. S40 indicates the status of command options. Generic 56k hcf data fax modem common setup strings are: MOH with 8 minute timeout Granted. Auto-answer is not affected. Hxf is in use. There are no parameters associated with this command. Page General Information: Enable in-band reporting for this circuit.

PHONE DIALER PRO_Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Modem 0 Line Playback 4. The expected pairs are date, time, name, and caller code telephone numberReports Caller ID rata unformatted presentation to the DTE. The generic 56k hcf data fax modem has connected to the line in V. If you do not have any entry to edit, you need to click on N ewcreate the new entry and then click modrm E dit. In many cases, adding, changing, or removing a modem is simple: Result Codes in V.


If it is a company phone line and it is a digital line, in addition you will need to use the digital to analog phone line converter. Select Facsimile Class 1. The DGC driver is available at no charge. Decimal number corresponding to the selected option.

Result Codes 0, 2, or 3 in V. MOH with indefinite timeout Granted. CD-Rom ships with your modem or find a XP or Win2k-compatible driver from your modem vendor or internet download sites.

Do you own a HCF modem? MOH with generlc generic 56k hcf data fax modem timeout Granted. How to set dialer as the default dialer in Windows and accept dialing requests from other applications? Fax Class 1 Answering Sequenc