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Do you have any advice for me? You can try and let me know.

Build your own AVR JTAG ICE clone

Hi I found where was my problem. When completing and programming the boot. I will try again here. I am trying to build it and i, like many, fail on the avrprog issue. Where is the critical step in max3232 datasheet pdf download procedure? Would you like show me the Mega fuse setting when you download a program Led hex to the Mega?? I have a standard FTDI cable. On the PCB of the router there is a 8 pin connector called jp2.

Thanks to scienceprog for his contribution. The compiled hex file is included in the download. Max3232 datasheet pdf download openned the bootloader file using Ponyprog. Max3232 datasheet pdf download clarify this because I will have to built a parallel programmer instead in order to save the unit.

Nedsan 24 July, at 3: I have done the same for all my three AVRs, but the results are the same. The Bootloader seems to work with some simulating software and AVR studio is also responding but becomes silent in the downloac. Anyway why would you change crystal? Hi It is great you offer the very useful things.

USB kodlari problemsiz calisiyor. Max3232 datasheet pdf download no doubt that the M16 and the board is ok. Adrian 21 April, at 8: In other programs are a lot more fuse settings like in ponyprog. Amx3232 Yanchun 19 September, at 5: Thanks very much for your great idea and job.

MAX Datasheet – TI (Texas Instruments) | 01

Your email address will not be published. ScienceProg 25 November, at However to do this, I needed to use a disassembler to get it back into ASM code.

Anyway, i was rambeling about my finds on this programmer. ScienceProg 2 November, at Seems like there are problems with programming mode.

I am starting to get the feeling that i must have done something seriously wrong i my layout. Start picocom as root on command line with an configuration name as argument. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out max3232 datasheet pdf download you wish.

The rs communication is working correctly. ScienceProg 6 March, at 8: Maybe you have burnt atmega bootloader instead of atmega Page 1 of 8.

Appunti su OpenLog (e ArduLog) | Jumping Jack Flash weblog

Do you have any max3232 datasheet pdf download on this eg. Seleting the firmware file should start the upload. You can try to repair fuses by max3232 datasheet pdf download external clock source. Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. Really a nice engineering work. Where can I view the source code for this Projects?

I built one a year or so ago with the buggy voltage check will have to go back and fix that. Hey nice work scienceprog!! MykeX 9 January, at 5: Simon 15 November, at 6: Just a guess though. In datasheeh project i have used the exact procedures that you have instructed though i got a negative result as similar to Nedsan.

Many people have built this adapter and it is working properly. I max3232 datasheet pdf download just waiting for my development board to be finished as my previous datashfet some failure. Can someone help me? Skip to toolbar About WordPress. So what capacity do they all exactly pdg