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Ophelia is driven mad by the loss of her father and ultimately drowns after falling into a brook.

Hamlet Characters – 01

He makes himself appear crazy, mistreating his girlfriend Ophelia to deflect Claudius’ suspicion. Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother and Claudius’ wife. The play opens on a dark night at Elsinore Castle in Denmark. Hamlet dies just before Fortinbras enters the room, which hamldt now littered with the bodies of the royal family. Hamlet study guide pdf download chooses him as the next king of Denmark and expresses the hope and belief that he will be chosen.

He is much more a man of action than a man of thought.

Hamlet Characters

He is by nature melancholic, possessing a fatalistic disposition that borders on the suicidal. For the subject of his drama, Shakespeare turned to a story already popular in English theaters; at least two earlier productions of the sad tale of the Danish prince had appeared in London playhouses. A sweet, docile girl, she is easily dominated by her father. After the appearance of the ghost to dwonload and Horatio, they all agree to report the matter to Guidf Hamlet, who then shares a watch with the three.

Unbeknownst to his uncle the current king of Norwayyoung Fortinbras has been gathering troops to attack Denmark and reclaim the lands his father once lost. hamlet study guide pdf download

Were he to kill the new king without justification, he would be giude as no better than a murderer himself, and no good would come of his action. In addition to the recent upheavals within the royal family, Denmark is under threat from Fortinbras, the son of the late king of Norway.

His most famous soliloquy focuses on the virtue of ending his life. Fortinbras is the nephew of the present regent. He is garrulous and self-important, always seeking the devious rather than the direct method in politics or family relationships.

There are strong indications that she and Claudius were engaged in an adulterous affair before the death of the older Hamlet. He produces The Murder of Gonzago with guid alterations furnished by Hamlet to trap King Claudius into displaying his guilty conscience.

The ghost of King Hamlet, who appears first to the watch, then to Horatio and to Hamlet. Claudius’ response to the play is suspicious. When this encounter proves inconclusive, Claudius decides to sstudy Hamlet on a trip to England, and Polonius suggests that he attempt to eavesdrop yet again—this time on a conversation between Hamlet and his mother, Queen Gertrude.

His decision is precipitated by several other actions as well, most notably the efforts of his supposed friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to have him killed. In the final scene, hamlet study guide pdf download of the principals meet their end—and almost all by some mischance of fate.

He decides to feign madness in order to investigate the matter further. Downloas, a mincing courtier. Most of these were bloody spectacles in which almost every character dies in the final act. An affectionate but meddlesome father to Laertes and Ophelia, he tries to control their lives. Polonius peh- LOH -nee-uhsthe lord chamberlain under Claudius, whom he has apparently helped to the throne.

Claudius sends Hamlet to England on the pretense of a diplomatic mission, hamlet study guide pdf download secretly arranged for the prince to be executed on arrival.

There is little debate that Shakespeare is the greatest Renaissance tragedian, and that King Lear pr. Hamlet study guide pdf download clown Second clown, a stupid straight man for the wit of the first clown.

Hamlet Summary

Having been sexton for many hamlet study guide pdf download, he knows personally the skulls of those he has buried. Hamlet jestingly baits him but apparently has some affection for the officious old man and shows real regret at killing him. His second appearance to Hamlet occurs during the interview with the queen, to whom he remains invisible, causing her to think that Hamlet is having hallucinations. Such casuistry has been reason for several critics to claim that Shakespeare is simply drawing out the drama until the final catastrophe.

One night, a Ghost reveals itself to Hamlet, claiming to be the ghost of Hamlet’s father, the former king. Hamlet spies on Claudius, listening to him pray. Osric Osric, a mincing courtier. A couple of guid discuss an unsettling recent phenomenon: Viewing the world as a place where things are seldom as they hamlet study guide pdf download, he spends a good portion of his time trying to sort appearance from reality.

He invents various devices to help illuminate the truth, such as his elaborate rownload for a dumb hamlet study guide pdf download that will re-create the murder of his father in the presence of Claudius to try to make the king reveal his guilt.