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Wiggling the AC plug makes no difference? After that you remove the hard drive from your laptop and install it into the enclosure.

I have HP dvus laptop. It turns on and off between using the battery and the power from the outlet when I jiggle the plug. The motherboard feburary toast.

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I had a question before I start taking apart my laptop. Whats the part number its scratched off this one and who sells them. The display is getting to the point that it has to be a certain position for us to see anything. Take a look below the HP logo.

Before taking everything apart, I re-installed the hard drive, and attempted to power on again. Hi guys, I have pulled my dv apart twice now. I have a DVen model and for some reason it works fine maxim india february 2010 pdf download a battery but when I attach the AC adaptor it will randomly switch off with a click? There is a link to the official service manual in the comment In this model there is no easy access to the cooling fan.

When you push on the button, the signal goes to the motherboard though the cable and the laptop turns on. Any suggestion would be of great help. Juliet I might be able to fix your computer.

Not looking forward to fixing that. When I search for a maintenance manual for dvea, HP site brings maxim india february 2010 pdf download to the manual for HP Pavilion dv and dv notebooks. Do I have to apply new thermalpaste? Run the hard drive test.

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Restart the laptop and let it detect the webcam. Needless to say, the LCD is broken. I have hp omnibook XE but needs to be unlocked what do I need to do to diwnload this thing? After that google the part number.

Kindly suggest what are the options and guide me which steps to follow maxim india february 2010 pdf download find the card in the machine and to replace it. Could you help please? I have a HP that will power on for about seconds and then power off by it self. Well I guess i spoke too soon,The laptop,no matter i did the PC Recovery the hibernation issue still exists,the WIFI card went bad,and my last problem the audio aint there either,,seen some sites with great prices on this type of mothernaord which is a maxim india february 2010 pdf download AMD Turion 64,not very fond with AMD processors due to heating up,but would love to get and answer from the pro,if I can replace with a Intel dual core since these laptops came with 4 different processors.

The first think to check is the laptop memory.

I removed the bezel and pushed all of the cables back again but I still have the same problem. I took out my 4gig ram and I tried turning it on maxim india february 2010 pdf download to see if it is the motherboard.

The service manual has step-by-step disassembly instructions. Basically, you are replacing your defective HP motherboard with a similar working HP motherboard. febrhary

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I have a dv and spilled some water on the keyboard the other day. If you do not update these files, you will need to have a BGA reflow service to fix your chipsets to restore your wireless and video.

I have had problems with my internal speakers and microphone not working on a dvus. Did you check if memory is seated correctly? A computer guy I know prf that if dowjload wiggle the drive connection it would probably work. I was told that the maxim india february 2010 pdf download for this string of keys may be loose. Do this seem reasonable to you? To Sarah who posted on May 11th or anyone… My son has the some problem last night.