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Then play whichever scale appears in the same column as the scale in the color bar of your original key. Most aspiring professional musicians and instructors can sing or play an instrument with considerable proficiency.

All keyboard scale chart pdf download the most useful guitar and keyboard scales on one chart Adjacent are relative minor scales in a ketboard band: Click on this link for free dowjload to pages 6 complete chapters: With your Guitar and Keyboard Scales Poster, it’s making sense at last. All three charts match each other in colour and layout. It got me out of a rut keyboard scale chart pdf download my guitar playing, and I’m moving over to try keyboard scale chart pdf download [playing scales] on her piano.

Minor Pentatonic Scale in Key of A: Therefore, the scale degrees and scale fingering associated with each scale type within the same row are similar.

On the left side of the poster, the major scales begin with scales in the key of C Major and continue alphabetically down the chart from row to row C, CD, etc. Redman, Port Hope, ON. The blue horizontal bar on the right side of the poster contains the A Minor Pentatonic scale. You can quickly start learning effective technique: Keyboard scale diagrams are located just above the guitar chord diagrams for the same scale type in each key.

The red horizontal bar on the right side of the poster contains the D Minor Pentatonic scale. Download it HERE 2.

Piano scales chart

Download it HERE 3. This has made it a breeze to teach my band members new arrangements Both of these scales are located in the same column, the ” Minor Pentatonic ” column.

What’s the status quo in original songwriting everywhere? You don’t have to do any mental calculations to transpose a scale from one key to another.

Scale Chart for Guitar and Piano or Keyboard, by Wayne Chase – How Music Really Works

They have no knowledge of the techniques required to write keyboard scale chart pdf download melodies, effective chord progressions, and powerful lyrics. So I can go to the piano and pick out the same prf I used to know only on guitar, and have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing on the piano, even though I’m a guitar player.

Some of these chapters are available for free at our sister website: You don’t have to figure out how to use scale formulas. The sad truth is, All the scales in any given row are musically related. This dowwnload version is identical to the free version see 1 aboveexcept that the images in the paid version are Keyboard scale chart pdf download watermarked.

Piano Scales Chart – major and minor

This free version is identical to the paid version see 2 belowexcept that the images in the free version contain transparent watermarks. That’s all there is to it.

Guitar and keyboard scales of the same type are conveniently located adjacent to each other on the poster. Suppose you know how to play the scale “D Minor Pentatonic”: Just keyboard scale chart pdf download at the color bar corresponding to the key you want to transpose to.

All five of these scale types are located in the same row. How can you quickly find the equivalent scale in a different key, for example, the key of A?

This chart is available in 3 versions: And you don’t need to know how to read music. Major scales appear in the same rows as related minor scales. For Performers, Students, and Instructors: Here’s the original scale in the key keyboard scale chart pdf download D, followed by the same scale in the key of Keyboadd