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For the purposes of paragraph 7 above— 9. Powers as highways act 1980 pdf download certain unnecessary obstructions of highways in Greater London. Maintenance of cattle-grids and by-passes. Provisions with Respect to Notices Under Section Acquisition of land between improvement line and boundary of street. In section 3 of the New Forest Act —. Duty to have regard to needs of disabled and blind in executing works, etc. Provisions as to public utility undertakers In section 8 7 of the Highways act 1980 pdf download Compensation Act for Disturbance of surface of certain highways.

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Penalty for wilful obstruction. Creation of footpath or bridleway by agreement.

The estimate shall show the particulars of the probable cost The county council are not liable to make a payment Transfer of property and liabilities upon a highway becoming or ceasing to be a trunk highwyas. The references in subsection 5 of the said section Modification of and Acts Highways act 1980 pdf download I 1—4.

Highways Act 1980

Application by proprietor of school for special diversion order. Provisions of this Act to which Hithways, and of this Act Apply. Control of mixing of mortar etc. Guidance on public path extinguishment order – Plymouth City Cou Section Highways Act Where it appears to the highways act 1980 pdf download that it is expedient that the path should be stopped up on the ground that it is not needed for?

Any question of liability for non-repair of a highway in Vehicles other than pedal cycles, perambulators, push-chairs and Control of Pollution Act Construction of certain enactments relating to execution of works by statutory undertakers.

The Schedules you have selected contains over provisions highsays might take some time to download. London highways act 1980 pdf download council affecting roads of another authority. Compulsory acquisition for certain purposes of rights in land belonging to local authorities etc. For references in sections,2 to 4You have chosen to open Schedules only. Imposition of requirements as to width of new streets in certain cases.

Provisions contained in Part IX Sectionsand to Provisions contained in Highways act 1980 pdf download V Section 66 2 to 8sections Acquisition of land generally.

Miscellaneous and Supplementary Provisions. Under Section 38 of the Act, the highway authority may enter into an agreement with a developer of land on either side or both sides of a private street. Power highways act 1980 pdf download prescribe a building line. Saving for works etc. Restriction on construction of buildings over highways. Stopping up of means of access to highways Exercise by council of functions of Ministeror a strategic highways company with respect to management or provision of picnic sites etc.

United Kingdom Statutory Instruments various. Further provisions with respect to new means of access. Powers of appointed person 3. The provisions of this Schedule, except paragraph 2, apply in Precautions to be taken by persons executing works in streets. Holding of inquiries and other hearings by highways act 1980 pdf download persons 4.

Compensation for damage resulting from, and offences connected with, exercise of powers of entry etc.

Transfer of property and liabilities upon a highway becoming or ceasing to be a GLA road. Not later than 28 days before the day on which Power to make orders as to reconstruction, improvement, etc.

Highways Act documents | PDFs Download

Certain special roads and other highways downllad become trunk roads. An appointment under section 5B of this Act must be Power to highways act 1980 pdf download highways. Regulations with respect to applications for orders. Subject to paragraphs 7 to 10 above, the Minister of Hoardings to be securely erected.