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Vowels are always pronounced the same way, and most letters follow structured and predictable pronunciation patterns. I want my Podcast Transcripts. By being aware of it, overcoming this common challenge will be much easier. Yeah, I know, he is such a nice elephant!

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Guide Free Download

However, not all words have a written accent. An example would be: This simple mnemonic a fun memorization tool showcases the pronunciation of the first three vowels in Spanish at the beginning of each word. As we just mentioned, when the G is next to the vowels E and I, it can have 2 different pronunciations.

This is a subtle shift that happens automatically and sometimes even unconsciously, and it is hard to break when you first start speaking Spanish. In fact, many of the most common questions I get from my students are related to the pronunciation of Spanish words, and that is why decided to create this resource; The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Pronunciation.

To remember this last one, just imagine this as vividly as possible feel afraid if possible: You can unsubscribe with 1 click anytime. A few common examples are bold letters show the stressed pronunciation: If you want to practice your Spanish, and learn more about diptongos, downlaod can check section 2.

First, we will go over the foundations, including the vowels and the alphabet in Spanish. We hate spam and we’ll only send useful stuff.

This unusual mental association, will help you remember how to pronounce the E in Spanish. Here are a few examples that use the vowel E in Spanish: Here are a prronunciation examples…. In Spanish, los diptongos are pairs of vowels and we guid find them in 2 main cases: Good question, this is something that troubles many native Spanish speakers in everyday life. Just be aware of it in case you ever run into a chicken stand run by Argentineans, or need an autograph from Lionel Messi, the soccer superstar from Argentina.

However, Spanish is easier than English when it comes to pronunciation. The letter J in Spanish is always pronounced the same way. As you may have noticed by now, the first 3 Spanish vowels have pronunciations that may at first seem confusing for native English speakers, because they sound a pronunciatiom similar to other vowels in English.

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Guide

If you find yourself making any of these mistakes, it only means you are a perfectly normal human being who is making progress and learning Spanish. In practical terms, the pronunciation of K in Spanish, is similar to the way it is pronounced in English.

Please enter your e-mail address. There is no need to worry about making these common mistakes, because almost everyone makes them. Just like before, try to imagine a mental image that is as colorful, smelly and loud as possible using the following phrase for inspiration: As we mentioned before, the initial letters of each one of the first five words of this phrase will help you remember the right pronunciation for the five vowels in Spanish: So, in those cases, how do you know how to pronounce them?

However, finding words with these sounds is fairly unusual.

So you stop worrying about being perfect, and getting the perfect pronunciation at all times. In guive Latin American countries, the letter Z is pronounced similar to the way the S is pronounced in English. A simple way to remember the correct pronunciation of the prnounciation O in Spanish, is to create a mental picture inspired by this phrase include as many sounds and smells as possible: Here is an example: Both B and V are pronounced the same way in Spanish, as a regular b in most cases.

Spanish Pronunciation Guide: the alphabet, common words, and phrases

Because of this, it is important to make a clear distinction between each vowel, in order to learn these fundamentals right from the start. It is the same case with the A in these 2 words: Get a downloadable copy of this guide so you ca review it later with links to all the videos!

On the other hand, If you have been studying Spanish for a while, and you want to improve your pronunciation so you sound more like a native, here are a few guidelines that will help you move forward: See them as small challenges your are in the process of overcoming.

You will also get Audio files you can download to practice on the go. Now, those shortcuts will make things much easier for you, and they are fairly streamlined and simple. The most common problem native English speakers face with the diptongos that start with A, is that they tend to use the English pronunciation of the letter A, and that resembles the pronunciation of the letter E in Spanish.