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Golf Rule 5, The Ball. Golf Rule 4, Clubs 5.

Golf Rule 16, The Putting Green. Inthe two associations jointly released the first uniform code.

The premium brand “Thomas Golf” builds custom golf clubs with shot accuracy technology. Yes, there are a lot of rules. Golf Rule 5, The Ball 6. Golf Rule 29, Threesomes And Foursomes The best players come to love golf so much they hate to see it violated in any way. Golf Rule 16, The Putting Green But it pays to know as many of the rules as possible, starting with the most basic one of all — play the ball as it lies.

Not many will guess as low as 34, however, which is the actual answer. Golf Rule 1, The Game. Other need-to-know rules include those involving hazards, boundaries, unplayable lies and free drops. Of course, to say golf has fewer than three-dozen rules is a bit misleading. Golf Rule 7, Practice. Golf Rule 10, Order Of Play.

Golf Rule 1, The Game 2.

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Golf Rule 21, Cleaning Ball. The type is still tiny, the language no easier to decipher than ancient hieroglyphics.

The game today is exactly the same, except that it now takes some ninety-odd pages of small type to ensure that the ball is hit, with the stick, into the hole in the ground without cheating. For me, if you cannot write them all on the back of a matchbox then something is wrong. The Rules of Golf cover every topic imaginable: Golf Rule 14, Striking The Ball. Graham If only Mr.

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Golf Rule 21, Cleaning Ball Golf Info Guide copyrightPrivacy Policy. So many rules for such a seemingly simple endeavor. Golf Rule 24, Obstructions. Golf Rule 17, The Flagstick. Like a river delta collecting silt, new material naturally deposited over time. Golf Rule 10, Order Of Play Golf Rule 11, Teeing Ground Golf Rule 34, Disputes And Decisions.

Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf

Golf Rule 17, The Flagstick Many rules feature numerous sub-rules, often with additional sections under each sub-rule. Equipment specifications; competitive situations; playing from the tee, the green and all points in between; lost balls; balls hit into hazards or out of bounds; embedded balls; loose impediments and obstructions; and, quite famously, burrowing animals.

Golf Rule 3, Stroke Play. Golf Rule 28, Ball Unplayable.

Golf Rule 28, Ball Unplayable Golf Rule 33, The Committee. Golf Rule 3, Stroke Play 4. Golf Rule 6, The Player 7. Golf Rule 33, The Committee Golf Rule 24, Obstructions Golf Rule 2, Match Play.